ACE has long been a group of trusted creators who shared their knowledge, opinions, critiques, and much more. We see how many people out there, particularly on Youtube, will share Amazon Affiliate Links to various products they review.

So, here’s how it works.

When you’re an Amazon Affiliate, and people use YOUR link to look at a product on Amazon, you get a commission if the item sells. The item doesn’t change in price, and the customer still gets the same great service and delivery as usual, but the affiliate gets a commission for driving that traffic to that particular product.

Conversely, lots of Amazon sellers will see when particular affiliates draw them a LOT of business, or they’ll notice when particular Creators get larger followings, and begin to influence more people, but still swear by their own products. Often, the companies who make and sell these products will send new products to this Creator to use and review, getting them even more influence and trusted word of mouth sales.

You’ll notice that many Creators will have obvious Affiliate disclaimers on their websites, or in the Youtube Video Descriptions. Here’s ACE’s:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Now that the legal disclaimer is out of the way, we put this page in effect to explain WHY we have all of the following Amazon Links here. If you are going to be buying from Amazon for a particular product ANYWAY…(You’re already shopping for a good deal.) Why not find products from us that you can trust? Using our links helps support us.

If you are shopping for something we don’t have here, let us know…We will either make an affiliate link (and we’ll announce to everyone we don’t own that product and cannot speak to it’s good or bad qualities), or we will do our best to procure the same product and give you an honest review before you buy. Either way, if you DO buy, and you use our links, we get a commission. How cool is that?

Obviously, we don’t want to entice people to come to us with shopping lists, so we can make a link for every item, and then receive our share of every item, that would be kind of against the spirit of the Amazon Associates Agreement. Instead, we’d just like to be very transparent up front…and say again…If you’re going to be buying something from Amazon ANYWAY, why not find and purchase those products through our links?

Thanks for reading, and using any links you think are worth your time.


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