Do you need a logotype or shape that truly defines your business or brand? Logos can be difficult to conceptualize  because every business is different, and stands for something unique. A logo should certainly reflect that uniqueness, and do it with flair. ACE tries to bring a forward-thinking design to fruition for every client, and logotyping is only the tip of the iceberg, the first thing the customer sees.

Artistic & Creative Endeavors can design many products from t-shirts, to posters, and much more. If there is something we can’t source ourselves, we have the contacts to outsource to save our clients money. We have contacts in every sector, including direct to garment printers, die-cut vinyl printers, screen-printing services and much more. Even if you already use a low-cost business card printer for example, we can create a graphic design that showcases your business personally, rather than some cookie-cutter design that was number 238 on their pre-made list.

We also offer web design to give your brand or business true cohesion and customer presence. Our websites have many tools to offer beyond design that will help your business grow. We can deploy and expand a website for you based in multiple content management systems, such as Joomla or WordPress, and can include E-Commerice solutions, and even custom user forums systems. Our job isn’t done when your website is revealed! We will happily help webmaster and maintain the site, bring in customer leads, and even produce customer newsletters for your clientele!

ACE has created a variety of logos and ‘brandings’ much like the one to the left. Our client asked for a nice logo, but wanted to include a ‘cartoonized’ portrait as well.

We’ve created logos like this with words, as well as only letters or initials, symbols and shapes, and much more.

We’re quite sure we an create something unique for you!

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling is a true Georgia born and bred Indie Wrestling Promotion, founded by one man, based in Monroe, Georgia.

The promotion has been home to huge names in wrestling, and has hosted everyone from Scott Hall’s son Cody, to Gunner from TNA, and even WWE’s Luke Gallows. Super Destroyer Big Bill Dromo was both a former Commissioner of SFCW, and also one of the promotion’s Hall of Famers.

ACE is responsible for the flaming SFCW logo, which is matted on black here so you can truly see it, the background is actually transparent as this logo is used on large banners, posters, t-shirts, and fliers, and needs to be adaptable to many color schemes.

SFCW has been so successful, it changed names to Southern Fried Promotions, brought on a new partner, a new booker and does an ever-growing list of events every year. It now has two more partners, its own wrestling ring, and more!

ACE not only logotyped the SFCW logo, but the new SFP logo as well, and has created a t-shirt store, a website, and helps manage a pair of social media (Facebook) pages. ACE has also produced video and other graphics productions for the promotion.

This graphic became a six-foot vinyl banner.

A couple of event posters for SFP events from October 2016, produced by ACE.

The SFNation website, designed and maintained by ACE.

SFP’s original owner and founder, Charles Anschutz also co-owns an antique and variety store in Monroe, Georgia called Anschutz Antiques, which has also received a little logo TLC and logo mockups from ACE as well. Mr. Anschutz is a very happy repeat customer.

ACE has been lucky to do so much, in so many different areas for SFP over the years, they helped hone the skills you see on display here, more than they may know.

May the promotion last for a very long time, and achieve every goal of its owners, they deserve it!

ACE offers its humblest condolences to Ryan Anschutz and his family for the loss of Charles to cancer in 2018. Charles and his fine organization continue to run today, and ACE was honored to be a part of their growth, and to have known and worked with Charles.

One of our clients is a Hollywood Special Effects and Prosthetics Make-Up Artist, as well as a beauty artist. Gore Couture can do all kinds of work for all kinds of situations, from boudoir photography make-up, wedding make-up, film and television make-up, and much more.

GC is a very modern, skilled client, a strong young woman who wants to project professionalism and thus needed a logo that reflects the same. To the right is the front of the business card ACE designed for GC, featuring the logo we created as well.

We also designed GC’s first website, but it has since been personalized and changed a bit.

GC has been very appreciative of our work, and if you’d like to see more, please visit

Our second newest logo client is truly keeping the train rolling!

Swift Trains is an actual store, with a facebook page and a website. ACE had the pleasure of doing some logo work for this fine, up and coming company as well.

Using a circa 1904 Central of Georgia Railway logo, we followed our client’s wishes, and found a way to incorporate their name into the classic feel of the original.

You’ll find their very professional website at:

The client chose a slightly different red for their logo, but was ecstatic that we were able to create something so similar, yet different enough, from the original. We also created some other graphics with their logo as “mock-ups” to show other ways their logo could be shown off to their customers.

One of our past clients, ‘Anderson and Son – Grading and Excavation‘ went for the full package. We created a logo, a Facebook page, and a website.

As part of this package, we also provided webmastering and administrating the site and the Facebook page.

We did all of the upkeep, but also all of the advertising, analytics, SEO, and more. (Even posting photos from work sites and blog posts which will post themselves on Facebook automatically!)

Sadly, Anderson and Son went out of business after the owner moved to a new state.

ACE does a large variety of projects, from simple ‘clean-ups’ and upgrades to existing websites, to complete, from-the-ground-up builds.

Such is the case with! Just4Fun has been broadcasting for a full seven years, but they’ve decided that 2018 is the year of ‘moving to the next level’, and ACE has become involved to help make that mission a success!

The site is an entirely new, managed WordPress site with all sorts of functionality, bells and whistles, and doodads, tucked away under tasteful visuals. The site seems pleasant, but under the hood, it’s a Lamborghini trembling to race. It has full Youtube galleries, Mixcloud sound albums, and all sorts of other extras that make it interactive to an astonishing degree.

(This website surpassed 105,000 unique visits in its  first six months of operation!)

We hope you’ll check out the site as it grows, and give Just4Fun a listen! It’s an internet radio station dedicated to making you smile, giving you a laugh, and lightening your heart!

Needless to say, ACE has considerable experience in logotyping, web design, and the kind of graphic design to help businesses and brands get noticed, and we’d love to connect with and help you! Contact us today!