Free Artistic and Design Resources – Top 10

Some people are gamers, some people are website creators, and some people just enjoy all the content other people create. But maybe we aren’t taking enough advantage of all the ways we can create art and design ourselves. What if you had a list of places that make it easier for you to create than you might think was possible?


By the end of this video, you’ll have a nice list of bookmarks to sites that will give you new and interesting ways to create or to design art that you may not have known about. Maybe you need a little help to design a very professional looking Facebook post, or you’d like to draw something using the computer. Maybe you just need some help with color.


Welcome to the Professional Amateur Series on Artistic & Creative Endeavors, where we put our extensive skills and creativity to use to help YOU develop your skills, and get to the next level. We’ve been an art and creative community since 2006, with digital and 3D artists, writers, musicians, and lots more! We design websites, help people with branding and logos, and share tutorials on everything from graphics to streaming and everything in between.


If you stay to the end of this video, you’ll get see several resources we’ve collected and curated just for you, and you’ll help our channel grow. (Feel free to like, subscribe, comment, and share!)


Time to go…

  1. Coolers – One of the easiest and coolest color choosing sites on the web.
  2. PlaceIt – All kinds of mockups and resources, image and video, even streaming and YouTube assets!
  3. Canva – Design various posts and publications using templates designed by pros! Free and Premium
  4. FlipAnim – Make a flip-book style animation!
  5. Pixton Make you own comic strip/book, or even a cartoon avatar of yourself!
  6. AutoDraw – Draw something, and the AI tries to figure out what it is and completes it for you.
  7. Neon Flames – Draw cool fractal designs. Flames are a type of fractal introduced in 1992.
  8. Linify – “Line-ify” almost any picture.
  9. Draw IO (Now Diagrams.Net) – Flowchart and diagramming maker that saves to your cloud drives or GitHub.
  10. Magma Studio – Not just a painting/drawing program in your browser, but collaborative with others, too! (Even includes chat!)

How would you use resources like these? Create branding for yourself or others? To ‘cartoonize’ yourself? Tell us in the comments, what you think…



Shoutout to —TEXTURELABS.ORG: on YouTube
Our Bonus is also our Shoutout! today! is a fantastic site and YouTube channel run by a guy named Brady who is committed to artists everywhere, and sharing his valuable insights and techniques for all kinds of cool graphics work in Photoshop. His site is jam-packed with all kinds of textures in several different categories, and his tutorials show you ways to use those textures to make your graphics NEXT LEVEL.
Please give his site and channel a visit, and all the subscribes, likes, and comments you can!
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