Pc Diagnosis/Repair/Custom Builds/Spyware Removal

If you are an individual or a small business, your computer and it’s operating system and software are either a hobby you know quite a bit about, and can diagnose and repair yourself, or…you are like the great majority of computer owners who don’t know what to do to handle problems when they arise.

Don’t worry about it, just call ACE. We arrive, listen to your description of the problems, and then go to work. We try to diagnose problems within as short a time as possible, so we can give recommendations on next steps.

​Now, most large agencies that do in-home PC diagnosis and repair will charge an up-front fee of around $350 just for diagnosis. If your problem ends up being a $100 dollar fix, they can deduct from or add to that total, but either way, you’re paying $350, regardless of whether you had a doomsday virus, or just a missing operating system file.

ACE will arrive, assess, and diagnose for $80. Obviously, ACE only diagnoses and repairs personal computers physically in the vicinity and environs of Venice, Sarasota, North Port, Punta Gorda, and Fort Meyers, Florida. We’d be happy to fly to NYC, or LA if you want to pay all expenses! We’ll offer a premium diagnosis and repair service for the Atlanta area in Georgia, but ironically our Atlanta services start at $350! Systems with need of extensive spyware and/or adware removal may require more charges, please feel free to ask us about our prices!

Also, please understand that WE CAN help you remotely, so if you’re just having trouble with Windows 10, for example, or certain software issues, we could help you no matter where you are by logging into your computer remotely. The programs we’d use to do this are easy to get and set up and we’ll walk you through the whole process. Once we can login, we’ll handle your problem while you watch, sitting right in front of your screen!

ACE can also do custom computer builds. When you go to a store and buy an HP, a Dell, or a similar system, you are getting the lowest common denominator of computer hardware at what appears to be a reasonable price. These systems usually lack the ability to be upgraded and so their ‘life’ of usefulness can be measured in less than 5 years. In all truth, if you allow ACE to purchase your computer, part by part, and build your machine in a custom manner, you will get far more bang for your buck, and still stay within your budget. We like to help out customers get “future-proof” computers, that will still be running most software, and still playing 3D games nearly a decade from now.

Custom computers can be pretty specifically tailored as well. Will you be doing graphic design and video production work like ACE itself? There’s a particular type of system you want for that. Are you a hardcore gamer? Yet another system. We’ll talk to you about your needs, and your budget and you’ll walk away with something that local stores just can’t put together: a computer built around you, and not around a small budget, mass produced mentality. Even if you only need a system for Facebooking and email, wouldn’t you rather get something future-proof for the next few years, and spend less than a major store charges? You can get a fantastic computer nowadays for the price of some tablets! Our latest laptop customer purchased a 15.6 inch touchscreen laptop running Windows 10 through us, and spent $280!