Social Media Management

In today’s world, marketing takes so many forms, it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all, unless you have someone full-time to watch over all your marketing outlets. ACE offers Social Media Management services which are second to none.

In essence, ACE will develop and run (Or even set up, if you haven’t already done so), a Facebook presence for your business. Any Social Networks your business is a part of, ACE will attend, maintain, and manage.

Some of the spots on the internet we can help you grow and maintain your presence would include:

    • Google+

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Instagram

    • LinkedIn

    • Pinterest

    • Twitch

and of course, Youtube.

Obviously, we also offer webmastering services, so if you have a website that needs to be maintained, has content changes often, or has lots of customer contact, we can handle all of this, as well as your Social Media accounts. On websites we manage, we receive forms and emails from website visitors, offer polls, surveys and other interactive communication, and more.

Currently, ACE manages and administrates no less than 7 Facebook pages. Two of these clients have other Social Media outlets or web pages we’re a part of also, but we already know what we’re doing with current clients, and can put our experience to work for you, too!

ACE is a Facebook developer, which means we can set up your Facebook business page with developed apps that connect your website with your facebook presence. Comments or likes made on one can show up on the other. We can furnish your website with a real-time chat application that allows users to login using their Facebook accounts, and much more. We are experts at using the Facebook business page “Call To Action” to sell your products or point to your e-store on the web. ACE has been a part of low-budget promotions on Facebook that have seen HUGE RETURNS on small investments…One $10 advertisement we were part of had an engagement rate approaching 4000%! This means that for a minimal amount of money, hundreds of people not only saw ads for the page, but visited or responded to the pages’ post!

We’d love to be an ongoing part of your business, and we take this type of commitment very seriously. Engage with us to handle the grunt work, and you won’t regret it!