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How often do we get both the questions and the answers? Even when we do, usually the nature of things is such that we are left with still more questions. This poem could fit into the Romance section as it is a dark, but redeemed in the end sort of composition. It is placed in Favorites because many who have read it consider it to be a very striking and intelligent piece. You decide. Continue reading “Q&A”

Words Will Never Be Enough

Words Will Never Be Enough

My family is huge, and it’s members are spread into many states and locales. The vigourous force that has always kept this family close; and strong, was the love and skill of a woman who was like a biblical matriarch in her ability to raise, love, protect, and provide for it. My mother was her last child, of which there are still seven girls and one boy, raising children and grandchildren, and in some cases, great-grandchildren of their own. The greatest thing about my mother’s mother was that no matter what you did, what punishment you deserved, no matter how out of bounds you were, you knew; despite the repurcussions and restrictions that came from it, that she loved you, and like no other could. Continue reading “Words Will Never Be Enough”

New Host for the Website!

Hi there!

Well, ACE is doing better now, because we found a fantastic webhost that lives up to their reputation and sales promises. We were with a large and well known company before, but maybe that company is too large, and too well-known. The new webhost really cares about how quickly our pages load, our ability to offer great content, and more, so we’re happy we made the switch! (We took some client websites with us!

If you need a website, particularly of the WordPress or Joomla variety, a forums like phpBB or MyBB, please ask us how we can help! WordPress has a STEEP learning curve, but once you’ve got the general idea, it is massively powerful!

We hope to have quite a few more customers now, since it’s obvious our new hosting company is ready for whatever we throw at them! And yes, there will probably be a review article of some kind comparing our old host to our new host soon. We’re THAT impressed at our new home! Truly! And we would want you to know about them for your website needs, too!

Stay tuned!

The ACE Blog

Well hello!

ACE, or Artistic & Creative Endeavors, has been around a while, but this is the first time that it’s ever had a blog. So, this should be a relatively daunting experience for everyone involved! heh

I could start here with the history of ACE itself, and how it came to be, and all of that, but honestly…that’s already been done, and maybe that will be shared later on, but for now, this is just a welcome to the site, and a thank you for taking the time to be interested in what ACE has to offer.

I’m certain that a little ways down the road I’ll share a little more information about myself, and quite a bit more about ACE. The Blog will also likely be a vehicle for catching people up on the projects and processes that ACE goes through for different creative endeavors.

We’ll see! But either way, thanks for coming along for the ride!