Video Production/Special Effects/Commercials

According to multiple sources, such as The Guardian (UK), the Marketing Insider Group, and more:

ONLINE VIDEO was 69% of all consumer internet traffic in the year 2017!

VIDEO DRIVES TRAFFIC – Video attracts 3x as many monthly visitors, doubles their time on site, and increases organic traffic from search engines by 157%.

VIDEO RETAINS WEBSITE VISITORS – The average website visitor spends 88% more time on a website that contains video.

GETS NOTICED – 46% of people say they would be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video.

VIDEO DRIVES ENGAGEMENT on FACEBOOK – Posts with video are given extra weight in the algorithms. They have higher engagement rates than posts with just plain text or links. The combination of videos and photos are the key to super exposure!

VIDEO HELPS PR – Video in Press Releases = more views, it’s that simple.

VIDEO CONVINCES CONSUMERS to BUY – Visitors who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.

ACCORDING TO CISCO NETWORKS: It would take an individual more than 5,000,000 YEARS to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks EACH MONTH in 2020.

Why shouldn’t your business or brand, big or small, share in the market context that video engagement can bring? Home based business, store front Mom and Pop chains, and even farms now have commercials. Even the smallest entertainment venue uses video production to reach fans through streaming on, videos on Youtube, or even produced commercials on their own website.

You can have voiceovers as a camera sweeps across your products, music videos, and even slideshows to help get your message out, and ACE is prepared to help!

Artistic & Creative Endeavors will, if you choose, be a part of the photography and video filming of your production. We can produce the video YOU WANT, provide special effects, cinematic titles, genre-specific music and sound effects, and much more.

ACE also has video sources that allow us to offer pre-made, broadcast quality, non-unique templates videos for absurdly high production values.

The ACE promotional “ID” video to the left is a great example of the use of pre-made video sources for broadcast quality work.

These templates offer us total freedom in customizing and will allow us to show your brand off in a way none of your competition can compete with. Your customers will love the interactivity, and the sheer coolness of your design and production levels, and we can combine these broadcast quality graphics with any home brewed, custom productions as well.

Please feel free to view the video full screen, but beware of your volume levels, there’s sound! Don’t blow your eardrums!

Fear The Woods is a family owned and operated Haunted House which runs on the same property as the Yule Forest / Hwy155 Pumpkin Patch in Stockbridge, Georgia. Yule Forest is a Christmas Tree Farm that operates the Pumpkin Patch for children and families during the fall days to teach kids about the earth, farming, and much more, but also offers lots of attractions to keep the kids having fun, and being engaged.

Fear The Woods has been ranked second in the State of Georgia in Haunted Attractions in the past, always gets great reviews from Haunt Professionals and critics, and features not just a Haunted House, but an outside Haunted Trail, accessible by a bus known as the Terror Transport. There is also a new Pandemic Haunted Combat attraction this year. All information on Fear The Woods can be found at their website:

Fear The Woods asked for a VERY specific commercial for their attraction for the 2015 season, and ACE filmed, produced, and finalized production of the commercial on a tight schedule. Please see it to the right, but again, check your volume before you hit play!

ACE has an ongoing relationship with FTW, and we hope to work with them again! By the way, the above video has been viewed over

 35,000+ times!

We talk quite a bit about Southern Fried Promotions on our Design, Logos, and Websites page:

We’ve also done a TON of video work for their promotions and events, as well as for single professional wrestlers. Like Maverick, the Modern Day Mercenary. Check out his promo to the left.

In 2015, Taylor Smith, the lead singer and songwriter for the “Bridge Worship Band”, was told his music and lyrics should be professionally recorded, as they were quite good.

The Bridge Worship Band is the college worship band of the Silverdale Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Taylor did a small fundraiser to raise funds for professional recording, and then he and the band recorded a five song album called “My Great Need”.

ACE was given permission to make a few videos to their songs in 2017, and this is the first completed video, have a look!

The ‘seal’ is an ACE graphic logo for the Christian Crew Gaming community,

This entire video was composed from scratch with no templates, using only Adobe software and a free plug-in for After Effects called “Saber”. ACE has made 3 or 4 “music visualization” videos, they’re quite popular right now.

Artistic & Creative Endeavors believes in video as the next way to promote business and push sales, and we love to find new ways to use video for our customers.

If an image is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?

Please see more of our media, both graphics and videos and more, on our More To See page!