Well now, this seems like a funny service to offer on a site that seems primarily to be about marketing, technology, and the visual arts!

ACE, interestingly enough, started out as a small community of artists, musicians, poets, graphic, digital, and 3D artists, and even painters, and much more. Artistic & Creative Endeavors mission at the time was to help all of these artists learn one from another, to critique each other in uplifting but purpose building ways, and more. When founded, ACE stated “If only one person benefits in a real and tangible way from our efforts, they were worth it.” I’m proud to tell you, dear reader, that one of the young teenagers involved in ACE in its infancy went on to college for art and design, and has made a career of it.

Obviously, ACE exists today as a business in its own right, so (Mission Accomplished!). Now we offer years of experience and artistic contacts to you!

There are more uses for a Creative Writer or Editor in today’s business world than you might think! Would your business get more daily attention if it shared a blog?

Would you look more professional on your business Facebook page if everything you posted was not only spelled right and grammatically correct, but had a “voice” behind it people trust?

Would you like to offer people tutorials on how to do interesting things, to engage them with your products and services by proxy? ACE can conceptualize your information into a handy and easily viewable format people will love!

Maybe you’d like to send out beautiful email newsletters every month? Promote and share your own monthly magazine online that has actual flipping pages like the real thing?

What if I told you that ACE could literally publish a book for your business, or even for things like weddings, graduations or other events? Coffee table, glossy photography books, all print and illustration free fictional hardcovers, and anything in between are possible!

Wouldn’t your business do well with a product catalogue, newsletter, or information magazine? Wouldn’t your son or daughter’s wedding be shared with far flung family in a pleasing way with a digital flipping book?

Please let us know if we can offer writing, editing, or any language arts skills for your uses! ACE houses people who have really published in the past, so we’ve been there and done that! Let us put that experience to work for you!