Royalty and Copyright-Free Audio and Visual Resources – Top 10

For people who’ve been following the Professional Amateur series, this one should be fun and interesting. We’re going to show you several visual and audio resources to liven up your streams or videos. Strap in, this one’s pretty cool!


By the end of this video, you’ll have a nice list of bookmarks to sites that will give you new and interesting ways to create or to design art that you may not have known about. There are several visual elements, musical elements, and generally things to help you make your topic much cooler to watch or listen to.


Welcome to the Professional Amateur series on Artistic & Creative Endeavors, where we put our extensive skills and creativity to use to help YOU develop your skills, and get to the next level.


We’ve been an art and creative community since 2006, with digital and 3D artists, writers, musicians, and lots more! We design websites, help people with branding and logos, and share tutorials on everything from graphics to streaming and everything in between.


If you stay to the end of this video, you’ll get see several resources we’ve collected and curated just for you, and you’ll help our channel grow. (Feel free to like, subscribe, comment, and share!)


So yeah, time to go…

  1. Slides Carnival – Create entire presentations or use existing templates. Powerpoint slides and Google Slides. Free for any use, no registration required, no download limits of any kind.
  2. Bensound – Royalty-Free Music
  3. Visualdon – Absolutely awesome background visuals you can use in commercial or non-commercial work in ANY form, with proper credit given to Visual Don.
  4. StreamBeats – A collection of music of several genres commissioned and released by Harris Heller, Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. Harris released all tracks for free specifically for creators to use so they might avoid copyright takedowns. You can download the tracks or listen to them in lots of places, including Spotify, Apple Music, or even download them from his Dropbox.
  5. OrangeHD – Free Stock Video Footage of LOTS of different types/topics.
  6. – Free Video Loops of all kinds of different types.
  7. – Beautiful, free video footage. (Perfect for B-Roll.)
  8. Videezy – Free and premium Vectors (Vecteezy), Videos, and Photoshop Brushes and PSDs (Brusheezy).
  9. Mazwai – Hand-picked stock video footage. (Interestingly, many of their ‘attribution license’ submittals are from
  10. Teknoaxe – Royalty Free Music in several genres including Techno, Rock/Metal, and Orchestra. Each of these genres has AT LEAST six sub-genres. Most of this music is Creative Commons with Attribution. So, give teknoaxe credit, and go to town.

How would you use resources like these? Create branding for yourself or others? To ‘cartoonize’ yourself? Tell us in the comments, what you think…



Bonus 1 – Nocturnal.NZ – Just check them out, they are kind of amazing.

Bonus 2 – BEEPLE! – Beeple, similarly to VisualDon, makes unbelievable loops and 3D video that no one else can seem to match, but even more, check out the Short Films, Resources, and Everydays! Worth the surf!

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