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There have been at lot of lawsuits in the recent past over DMCA violations for music, images, and other resources, how would you like access to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of free images and resources for all kinds of uses? Stuff you can use without worrying about getting sued?


By the end of this video, you’ll have a nice list of bookmarks to sites that will give you unfettered access to not only images, but resources like fonts, brushes and PSD files for programs like Photoshop, motion backgrounds and templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, or programs like those, videos, copyright-free music, and sound effects.


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If you stay to the end of this video, you’ll get quite a bit more than 10 great websites, there will be bonuses throughout the video, bringing the grand total of resources to 17!


Time to go…


  1. Unsplash – Free stock photos.
  2. Pexels – Free pictures and video, and even a Photoshop plugin! (They also have iOS and Android apps!)
  3. Freepik – Free stock photos and other resources, including vectors.
  4. Vecteezy – Free Vector Illustrations. (They also have two sister sites: Brusheezy for Photoshop brushes, and Videezy, for video footage, templates, motion graphics, etc!)
  5. TinEye Reverse Image Search – Reverse search to find images, this can help in finding an image’s copyright status and more.
  6. CleanPNG – Already cut-out transparent PNGs of all types.
  7. Wild Textures – Cool textures, seamless textures, all with mockup examples.
  8. Github’s “Awesome Images” – A directory of several free stock photo sites.
  9. PixelBuddha – Premium and Free Design Resources. PSDs, Fonts, Templates, etc.
  10. Logo Inspiration Generator – This site gives numerous examples for each section you choose.



  1. RawPixel – Similar to unsplash and other stock sites, but has Free and Public Domain sections.
  2. PXHere – Images free of copyright under the Creative Commons CC0 license.
  3. Public Doman Vectors – A large list of EPS, AI, and SVG files all within the public domain and usable in any project imaginable.
  4. Library of Congress “Free to Use and Reuse Sets” Database – Items from the Library’s extensive collections of digital publications that are free for use or resuse in any situations.
  5. BioDiversity Heritage Library (on Flickr) – A massive collection (over 250,000 images!) of mostly hand-created illustrations of animals, plants, insects, and more.

How would you use resources like these? Maybe to create t-shirts? Social Media Posts? For photo manipulation, posters? Tell us in the comments, what you think…


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